Cavities Can Cause Serious Complications with Braces

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The braces components installed in your mouth at Dr. Steven Thompson’s orthodontic clinic represent the functional component needed to correct the alignment of your teeth. This is done by applying progressive tension to the braces at your routine adjustment appointments. As time goes by, this will gradually alter the alignment and position of your teeth.

Poor oral hygiene habits increase your chances of suffering cavities on multiple teeth. If this happens, the complications and necessary treatment could increase the number of adjustments needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

If you are struggling to clean around your braces hardware, there are special tools that can help.

Brushing your teeth twice each day is essential for removing plaque and food material from your mouth and braces hardware. Using an interdental brush with a small tapered head can help clean hard to reach places. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out bands and spacers.

Braces wires and other components can sometimes make it challenging to floss between your teeth and gumline. A simple floss threader can insert a strand of waxed dental floss into these places.

An oral irrigator like Waterpik® generates a concentrated stream of water. This can help loosen and wash away food particles.

If you are in the Holley, New York, area and you are having trouble maintaining good oral hygiene with braces, you can always call 585-638-5435 to speak to a staff member at Thompson Dental Care.