Dr. Steven Thompson can help your child avoid the need for braces by utilizing the HealthyStart™ System, which works with the child’s mouth to address and prevent progressive oral issues. We invite you to visit Thompson Dental Care with your child to learn more about this innovative system and its many uses.

The HealthyStart System is a series of comfortable, removable oral appliances designed to guide erupting teeth into proper alignment while regulating your child’s bite and expanding arches. Depending on your child’s needs, our dentist may recommend an appliance for the following phases of treatment:

  • Habit-correction: Many children develop oral habits, such as thumb sucking, that could damage their oral health over time. The habit-corrector appliance is similar in design to a pacifier and encourages your child to quit harmful oral habits.
  • Phase II: Children who have incoming teeth but not enough space may benefit from an appliance that will guide erupting teeth, expand arches, and correct jaw relations.
  • Final Phase: if your child has at least four permanent teeth, Dr. Steven Thompson may recommend an appliance that will accommodate incoming adult teeth and ensure they erupt into proper alignment.

The HealthyStart System can also benefit children who suffer from alignment issues, sleep apnea, and mouth breathing. Early treatment is critical to ensuring healthy development for your child’s smile. We invite you to learn more about HealthyStart in Holley, New York, by contacting our team at 585-638-5435 today.