Thompson Dental Care strives to provide quality preventive care for patients as young as five years old so that they can enjoy healthy, long-lasting smiles. If Dr. Steven Thompson notices developing alignment issues in your child’s smile, he may recommend Ortho-Tain® to correct or control these issues without the need for braces.

Ortho-Tain offers advanced orthodontic treatment to promote healthy dental development. Our dentist can provide a clear, rubbery mouth guard that is worn primarily at night to guide the permanent teeth into proper alignment and provide orthodontic care without metal brackets and wires. This treatment can benefit patients of all ages, with appliances such as:

  • Nite-Guide®: Guides the growth of permanent teeth for patients ages five to seven years old. This appliance is worn at night to straighten the teeth and guide the eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Occlus-o-Guide®: Treatment for eight- to twelve-year-olds that typically lasts four to ten months.
  • Adult Ortho-T®: Most appliances reveal results in as little as one to twelve months.

With Ortho-Tain, you can straighten teeth; correct alignment issues such as overbite, crowding, overjet, and misaligned bites; and even prevent snoring and bruxism. We invite you to consider receiving Ortho-Tain in Holley, New York, if you are concerned about your dental health or the health of your child. Contact our office at 585-638-5435 today to schedule an orthodontic consultation.