Oral Health Treatment Essentials: TMJ Disorders

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Is your mouth not functioning as it is intended? Have you ever wondered why your mouth isn’t fully opening and closing properly? In most situations, it is the result of damaged temporomandibular joints, referred to as TMJs, in your jaw.  If they are damaged, a TMJ disorder occurs, also known as a TMD.  Here are some things you should know about TMDs:

TMDs can be the result of underlying oral health disorders. An oral health disorder called bruxism exists where you unconsciously grind and gnash your teeth, often while asleep. The constant grinding of teeth can wear down your jaw and cause TMDs to arise. Even the foods you eat could be harming your jaw. Furthermore, bad habits like chewing on inedible objects or biting your nails can also raise your risk for a TMD.

Although the actual cause of the TMD can be wide-ranging due to the sheer number of components involved within the joint, TMDs can be treated. If you are feeling an excessive amount of pain or discomfort, heat packs are an ideal treatment. If your jaw begins to swell, try using ice packs to treat the ailment. Meditative techniques to reduce jaw pressure can also be used, including yoga, relaxing music, and mild biofeedback.

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