Overcoming the Oral Health Obstacles of Being a Teen

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Overcoming the oral health obstacles of being a teen is no easy task. Not only are teens faced with a multitude of teeth growing in, potentially improperly, but there is a host of pressures and risks to one’s oral health that most teens will have to face very day, including the following:

– Smoking is a serious issue that often first appears during the teen years. Smoking should be avoided as it can lead to severe tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.

– As a teen, one of the most common oral accidents occurs due to contact sports. Given the likelihood of dental damage, always wear the appropriate safety equipment.

– Various health risks associated with mouth jewelry, a popular teen habit, include infections, disease, chipped and fractured teeth, and serious choking hazards.

– As a teen, the very last set of teeth, the wisdom teeth grow in. The permanency of it all can be daunting, especially considering that they are the last natural teeth you will ever own. To make matters worse, decay, infection, and malocclusions are all readily common when they are growing in.

– The effect of drugs can have devastating consequences on the health of a teen, including their oral health.

Keeping your teeth clean begins with overcoming oral health obstacles as a teen so that they will not be able to harm you. To schedule your professional cleaning at Thompson Dental Care with Dr. Steven Thompson and our team at our dentist office in Holley, New York, simply give us a call at 585-638-5435. We look forward to hearing from you.