Replacing a Lost Tooth Will Improve Your Smile

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Do you find yourself wishing for a full smile since losing a tooth? Have you suffered a severe injury or another problem that has left you with multiple missing teeth? If so, tooth replacement therapies can be used to fill out your smile in three distinct ways: dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges.

Enhance your smile with tooth replacement therapy. To learn more about tooth replacement treatments, please read the following:

– Dental implants are manufactured and designed to fit each patient’s individual needs.
– Since dental implants are linked directly to your jawbone, they cannot work for everybody, especially those individuals who have a weakened bone structure in their jaw.
– If your smile requires a dental bridge, you must have strong teeth to fasten the bridge into place. When a dental bridge is placed in a gap, it is fastened into place by attaching it to the neighboring teeth.
– You can replace entire rows of teeth with complete dentures, or customize sets of dentures to fill in gaps for a few missing teeth with partial dentures.

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