Show Your Smile With InvisalignⓇ

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If you feel it is time to straighten your teeth, you may like to know that braces are not your only route. You can give InvisalignⓇ retainers a try. Like braces, the retainers realign your teeth but with some added perks.

The retainers are clear, which allows other people to see your teeth. They can put your smile on the forefront, whereas braces would obscure it somewhat. In this way, the retainers can be more pleasing to the eye than the metal braces.

Invisalign retainers can also be taken out and put back in your mouth easily, which can offer a number of advantages. Normally, braces restrict the types of food you can eat, and we mean healthy ones. The retainers do not come with these restrictions, because you can pull them out before you take a bite.

Cleaning the retainers can also be easier than cleaning braces. The braces have to be cleaned from inside your mouth, but the retainers can be removed and handled by your fingers, which can be more convenient. While they are out, you can also brush and floss as you normally would. Braces often make these two practices more difficult.

If you like the idea of Invisalign, we invite you to discuss it more with our dentist, Dr. Steven Thompson. You can find him here at our office, Thompson Dental Care in Holley, New York. To schedule a visit, you are welcome to call 585-638-5435. We are always happy to serve you, so feel free to call today!