Teach Your Smile New Tricks: Dental Sealants

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In order to ensure your teeth can continue to function as intended, always look for interesting ways to improve your oral health care. Not only should you be worried about what you can do to treat damage that has arisen, but you need to set forth preventive treatments in place to keep your smile from suffering any harm in the first place. This includes the use of dental sealants on the chewing surfaces of teeth.

If you have any minor damage to the surfaces of teeth in the form of tooth decay or dental erosion, it could be an indication that your oral health care cleaning routines, lifestyle choices and dietary selections are not effectively working as intended. With this in mind, you may require additional oral health care. Dental sealants can be highly effective to prevent damage to your chewing surfaces of teeth. They often are applied to premolars and molars to prevent tooth decay. Because they go on clear, they can allow the natural shine of your teeth to continue to flourish and will make it easier for the dentist to determine if any damage is occurring underneath.

Dental sealants are extremely effective for children who are most at risk for dental erosion. This is because children often consume products such as sugars and starches that make your teeth extremely vulnerable to decay. Studies done by the Center for Disease Control have shown that children who have sealants in place are 3 times less likely to develop tooth decay and cavities on teeth that feature a protective sealant. In fact, sealants are safe to use for children as young as six as soon as they’re first molars begin to peak up above the gum line. Dental sealants are also extremely durable and can last over 10 years before replacements may be needed.

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