The Best Smiles are Built with Malocclusion Care

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In order to provide your child with the necessary oral health care, it is important to make sure all their teeth are in the proper alignment. If for any reason your teeth are out of alignment it can result in several oral health risks and can also make you smile look less than ideal. In cases where you’re suffering from bad bites or other misalignment issues, a malocclusion is present.

Usually, issues with an individual’s teeth out of alignment are due to issues with the incisors. The incisors are the front teeth that tend to stick out or rotate easily. Common causes of incisor malocclusions include overbites, also known as buckteeth, open bites, underbites, also known as bulldog teeth, misplaced midlines and deep bites, also known as closed bites.

If you have an issue with your lower jaw protruding further than your upper jaw, you are suffering from what is known as crossbites. Other common malocclusions can arise include spacing malocclusions, transposition malocclusions, rotation malocclusions, and other malocclusions and misalignments with irregular issues arising with your teeth, jaw, gums, and face.

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