The Treatments That Can Help With Enamel Erosion

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If you suffer from enamel erosion, then your teeth are likely weak from exposure to acid. Acid typically attacks the teeth and wears down the enamel. This can be a dangerous problem because it makes your teeth vulnerable to cavities. It’s best to treat your erosion as soon as possible so you can have the strong and healthy teeth you deserve. Our dentist, Dr. Steven Thompson, is happy to help you treat your erosion by providing some recommendations. Those are:

-Increase your fluoride exposure (Fluoride can help because it’s a natural mineral that strengthens the tooth enamel. You can increase your exposure by drinking fluoridated water, using fluoride toothpaste and using a fluoride mouthwash.)

-Keep up on oral hygiene (Make sure to brush, floss, and rinse regularly. However, it’s important to avoid brushing until 30 minutes after you have consumed something acidic.)

-Visit your dentist regularly (Attend your checkups every six months.)

-Consider a dental bonding treatment (This is necessary for more extensive enamel erosion.)

-Consider dental veneers (This is necessary for more extensive enamel erosion.)

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